Michael Hardaway specializes in high-stakes crisis management, media relations, political affairs and strategic messaging. He is also the publisher of Hardaway Wire, a political intelligence cable read by CEOs and world leaders across 59 countries.

A Capitol Hill veteran, Hardaway began his career as an early part of President Obama’s Senate team in Chicago and went on to work in multiple capacities for Obama through his rise to the presidency. Hardaway also worked for Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin and Bill Nelson, a former U.S. Senator who is now NASA Administrator under President Biden.

In his final role in public service, Hardaway worked as Hakeem Jeffries’ top advisor on messaging, communications and stakeholder engagement. As Jeffries’ longest serving communications director, Hardaway led messaging efforts for Jeffries from his freshman term in Congress through his rise to House leadership. When Jeffries was elected to Congressional leadership, he asked Hardaway to continue as his lead spokesman and take on an additional role as head of communications for the House Democratic Caucus, where he advised its 239 members of Congress on crisis management, media relations and strategic messaging. He has also been an advisor to professional athletes and actors on similar issues.

Hardaway is a member of the Economic Club of New York and is the founder of the Bipartisan Dinner Group, a private gathering of government officials, lobbyists and reporters committed to mending relationships across the aisle.